The last two years of the group’s musical tour have managed to reduce direct carbon emissions by 58%. It has been achieved thanks to electric bicycles among other “inventions”.

At Forever Green, we’re excited to share Coldplay’s impressive achievements in their effort to make their concerts more sustainable. Over the past two years, the band has managed to reduce direct carbon emissions by 58% on their music tour, using a number of eco-friendly innovations.

Coldplay has implemented kinetic dance floor systems, e-bikes and recyclable LED wristbands to reduce the environmental impact of their concerts. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Environmental Solutions Initiative compared data from its last two tours and confirmed a 59% reduction in carbon emissions in the most recent one.

Since the start of the ‘Music Of The Spheres’ tour in 2021, the band has committed to reducing at least 50% of direct emissions caused by the show’s production and transportation. In 2023, Coldplay performed 13 shows using a recycled BMW i3 battery recycled spinning battery system, generating 17 kilowatt hours (kWh) of average power per show through solar installations, kinetic dance floors and e-bikes, enough to power the performance on stage C each night.

In addition, the band has saved more than 3,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) with the purchase of Sustainable Aviation Fuel for its flights. Coldplay has also formed 23 partnerships with eco-friendly travel providers, making it easier for fans to use low-carbon transport to attend concerts.

During their tour, Coldplay has diverted 72% of all waste from landfill, sending it for reuse, recycling and composting. They have donated 9,625 meals and 90 kilograms of hygiene items to homeless people from the tour’s catering service. In addition, the band has implemented two river interceptors as part of the Ocean Cleanup initiative and has supported the growth of seven million trees planted through One Tree Planted, one for each attendee of their concerts.

Coldplay has also provided financial support to environmental organizations such as ClientEarth, The Ocean Cleanup, Climeworks, Project Seagrass, Sustainable Food Trust, Cleaner Seas Group, Food Forest Project, Knowledge Pele, Conservation Collective, and others.

“As a band and as an industry, we know that we are still far from where we should be on this issue,” they said in their statement. “However, we are grateful for everyone’s help so far and salute those who are striving to push things in the right direction,” they add.

At Forever Green, we’re inspired to see how Coldplay is using their platform to drive change and encourage their fans to be part of the solution. Through initiatives like these, we continue to demonstrate that the power of sport and music can be a transformative force in the fight against climate change.

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