This summer’s long-awaited European tournament is not just about goals and glory; It’s about delivering a tournament that sets the highest standards for sustainability.

At Forever Green, we are excited for EURO 2024 in Germany, a unique opportunity to demonstrate how sporting events can be a driving force for sustainable development. Our vision is to be the benchmark in terms of sustainability for the world of sport and to contribute significantly to the German and European football ecosystem and society in general.

From planning to execution, sustainability is at the heart of operations. The EURO follows a strategy based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, the good practices of the German Football Association (DFB) and UEFA are being leveraged to create a lasting legacy.

Moreover, they are working with national associations, players, fans, host cities, local authorities and partners to make a collective impact. At each of the ten EURO 2024 venues, one sustainability officer and around 50 volunteers will implement our ambitions.

Through active campaigns and initiatives, it will seek to raise public awareness of social and environmental sustainability issues.

How sustainability will be implemented at EURO 2024

Climate action: The EURO is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the tournament with adapted match schedules, smart mobility solutions and incentives to use the train. It will also create a climate fund to finance environmental projects run by amateur football clubs in Germany.

Sustainable infrastructure:
The stadiums and facilities have been modernized to maximize efficiency in energy and water consumption.

Circular economy:
Circular economy models were implemented in the ten stadiums, following the principle of the 4Rs: reuse, reduce, recycle and recover waste.

Human rights: The well-being and safety of all participants and spectators will be ensured with measures to combat discrimination and protect fans.

We work with host cities and venues to ensure that the tournament is accessible to all.

Diversity and inclusion:
The FootbALL programme uses sport to promote inclusion, under the message that in football, everyone is welcome.

With this comprehensive approach, EURO 2024 stands as a great success and a milestone of admiration for our sustainability mission, inspiring and accelerating collective action in support of social and environmental sustainability within European football.

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