Players from the first basketball team and 30 boys and girls from schools in Carmona attended the event held at the Endesa solar plant in Carmona and contributed by planting aromatic species in the area designated for agrivoltaic cultivation, which has now been named Forever Green Street.

Carmona, 12 de abril de 2023 Endesa and the Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB) joined forces today with Forever Green, the Real Betis environmental sustainability platform, for the maintenance and development of a more sustainable planet.

The collaboration took place in a very special setting: Las Corchas, the Endesa solar plant in Carmona, which has become a benchmark in sustainability by having unique and pioneering initiatives such as the first solar apiary, agrivoltaic cultivation, grazing for natural land clearing, and the creation of an ecological island that serves as a refuge for birdlife.

Present at the event were Carmona Mayor Juan Ávila; Real Betis Basketball President Fernando Moral; Director General of Sports Systems and Values of the Junta de Andalucía; María de Nova Pozuelo, General Manager of Endesa in Andalusia, Extremadura, Ceuta, and Melilla; Rafael Sánchez Durán, General Manager of ACB José Miguel Calleja, and players from the Real Betis Basketball first team such as the latest signing Jeremy Pargo, Tyson Pérez, Pablo Almazán, and Volodymyr Gerun. Betis legend Rafael Gordillo was also present.

Alongside them were 30 boys and girls, budding basketball talents for whom a more sustainable planet is necessary. Moral reminded them all that “if we don’t take care of the planet, we won’t have basketball. Real Betis has always been committed to the environment through actions that have led us to be the second most sustainable club in the world. In today’s event, we thank everyone, the Carmona City Council, the Junta, Endesa, and ACB for joining us in this commitment to a better world.”

Meanwhile, Sánchez Durán stated that “Endesa is clear that basketball embodies many of the values that society needs to face a crucial challenge such as climate change: teamwork, effort, and commitment. Today we have seen this again with the involvement of a club like Real Betis Basketball with sustainability and its commitment to young people. This is work that we fully identify with at Endesa and that has our full support.”

Calleja expressed gratitude on behalf of ACB”to Betis for its fight against climate change through a project as beautiful as Forever Green, and to Endesa for its continuous commitment to sustainability. We didn’t hesitate; we want to join this project and do our part.”

After the signing ceremony, Real Betis Basketball players and the 30 boys and girls from sports schools in Carmona planted aromatic species to support the work of the bees in the solar apiary of the plant, which uses state-of-the-art technology and produces over 500 kilograms of solar honey annually.

This space will now be called Forever Green Street in homage to this meeting between the three institutions to improve our surroundings.

The first collaboration between Endesa, Forever Green, and ACB took place last September during the celebration of the Endesa Supercup in Seville, where awareness-raising actions were carried out, as well as others to move towards a more environmentally friendly competition, such as the use of reusable bottles and the placement of containers for selective recycling. With today’s event at the Las Corchas photovoltaic plant, a new collaborative step has been taken, demonstrating the commitment of basketball and its community to the fight against climate change.


Forever Green has just turned two years old working on the fight against climate change, an effort that has made Real Betis one of the most environmentally committed clubs in the world.

Since the birth of Forever Green 88 actions have been developed, such as clean-ups of natural spaces, the installation of a fleet of scooters and electric bicycles for Club employees, as well as promoting their use by fans through discounts and recycling and awareness campaigns.

Forever Green has gained worldwide recognition, reaching 598 million people and spanning 75 countries. The Real Betis environmental program has been featured in 195 media outlets.


The solar plant of Endesa’s renewable subsidiary, Enel Green Power Spain (EGPE), in Carmona is already an environmental benchmark by including pioneering initiatives since its inception in 2019, such as the first solar apiary, agrivoltaic cultivation, grazing, and the creation of an ecological island thanks to the recovery of 9 hectares of land. Its purpose is not only to have a vegetal space to aid in the dissemination of local birdlife but also to offer the bees of the Carmona solar apiary more sustenance to carry out their work.

Juan Ignacio and his son’s bees, the fourth and fifth generations of Loramiel, are also participating in an environmental study being conducted by the Bee’s Corner association, for which they have installed new sensors in the hives and applied environmental monitoring measures to identify the proliferation of animal species in the vicinity of the solar plant.

Endesa, through its renewable subsidiary EGPE, is precisely developing a study of the bee population with this association. To this end, 3Bee monitoring systems have already been installed to determine the number of specimens in the solar apiary, bio-phonies in the areas adjacent to the apiary are being recorded, a study of floral load in the area will be conducted, and an ecological interaction map. “All this to study and publicize the positive impact of this coexistence,” says Vecino.

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