We know that taking care of the stadium is everyone’s responsibility, that’s why we have joined forces with several companies and organizations to implement actions that will inspire all of you to take care of our Betis home this Sunday, May 12 during the Forever Green match.

At Forever Green, we understand that the Benito Villamarín Stadium is not only a meeting place for soccer, but also a symbol of Betis’ commitment to its fans and to our planet. That is why, in this upcoming match, we want to highlight the importance of taking care and keeping our stadium clean, and we have prepared several actions to achieve it.

Actions to take care of our Betis home:

– Bags of potato starch: Before the game, we will be handing out bags of potato starch to fans. These bags will be used to deposit the waste generated during the match, thus allowing the Benito Villamarín Stadium and its surroundings to be kept clean in a sustainable manner. With this initiative, we contribute to reduce the use of conventional plastics and promote a more environmentally friendly alternative.

– Waste collection with Every Can Counts: We will be conducting a waste collection outside the Villamarín. This action will allow us to raise awareness among fans about the importance of proper waste disposal and promote a culture of cleanliness and sustainability in and around our stadium.

– Fan Zone maintenance: CaixaBank and Ok Planet volunteers will be in charge of keeping the Fan Zone clean, thus ensuring a pleasant and clean environment for all match attendees. We want all fans to enjoy a positive and responsible experience in our stadium.

With these actions, we want to take the first step to mobilize fans to start taking better care of their stadiums and their environment in a sustainable way. Small actions such as proper waste disposal can make a big difference in the conservation of our planet.

Do you subscribe to this approach? Together, we can make the Benito Villamarín Stadium a cleaner, greener and healthier place for everyone.

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