Agriculture provides food and livelihoods for millions of people and shapes our rural areas and natural environment. Therefore, it makes sense to look at their sustainability performance. This compass shows the development of a set of key EU agricultural sustainability indicators.

At Forever Green, we are excited to share a great initiative from the European Commission: the launch of the Agri Sustainability Compass. This interactive tool offers clear and understandable information on sustainability in agriculture, a crucial field for the future of our planet.

Agri Sustainability Compass brings together 20 key indicators covering the three dimensions of sustainability in agriculture and rural areas: economic, environmental and social. This tool allows users to quickly understand the current state of sustainability in agriculture and its evolution over time, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the performance of the agricultural sector.

In the economic sphere, Agri Sustainability Compass presents indicators such as the “trade balance” and “agricultural productivity”, which evaluate the competitiveness and efficiency of the sector. Other indicators, such as “comparison of income with average wages”, “net value added per worker” and “average farm size”, reflect the evolution of income, labor productivity and structural changes within the agricultural sector.

For environmental sustainability, the tool highlights nine key indicators that analyze the interaction of agriculture with the environment and its impact on biodiversity, soil health, water quality and air pollution. Indicators such as “Farmland Bird Index”, “Crop Diversity” and “Groundwater Nitrates” assess biodiversity, agricultural practices and water pollution. Additionally, environmental and climate impacts are tracked using indicators for pesticides, organic farming, ammonia emissions, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Regarding social sustainability, the Agri Sustainability Compass includes indicators such as the “Proportion of farm managers by age” and the “Proportion of farms managed by women”, which address issues of generational renewal and gender equality. Other indicators such as “Training of agricultural managers” and “Poverty rate in rural areas” provide information on access to education and the risk of poverty in rural communities. Additionally, “Antibiotic Use by Animal” addresses concerns about antibiotic resistance.

The tool is public and transparent, and allows the export and download of the results of any search. Additionally, the Agri Sustainability Compass dashboard will be updated regularly, ensuring that everyone can follow the progress of sustainability indicators and check whether EU agriculture is on the right path towards a more sustainable future.

Forever Green celebrates this initiative that represents an important step towards sustainability in agriculture, aligning with our commitment to supporting and disseminating practices that benefit our planet and future generations.

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