Banco Santander, which has returned to competition as a sponsor of Ferrari, has become a partner of F1 in the fight against climate change towards a sustainable model based on NetZero.

In the vibrant world of Formula 1, the roar of the engines now accompanies a new echo: that of sustainability. Forever Green is proud to witness how this exciting competition is transformed into a testing ground for green innovation, without losing its essence of spectacle and excitement.

The strategic alliance between Formula 1 and Banco Santander, a partner committed to the decarbonization of society, marks a milestone in the race towards sustainability. Banco Santander, not only returns as Ferrari’s main sponsor, but also becomes a key partner in the green transition of the team and the entire competition.

Together, they are driving the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that boost the fight against climate change. From the introduction of hybrid engines in 2014 to the steady improvement in fuel efficiency, Formula 1 is leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Drivers, such as Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, are key players in this race towards sustainability. His driving skills and commitment to efficiency make it possible to translate these technological advances to the track, while keeping the passion of the sport intact.

For Banco Santander, sustainability is not just a goal, it is a business philosophy. With clear commitments and concrete actions, such as its leadership in financing renewable energy projects, the company is making a difference toward a greener future.

The alliance between Banco Santander and Ferrari not only shares the color red, but also unites commitments and values to green the competition and the motor racing industry as a whole. From the pole position of sustainability, they already envision the goal of zero emissions getting closer and closer. At Forever Green, we celebrate this commitment and encourage more companies to follow suit in the quest for a more sustainable future for all.

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