SailGPaspires to become the most sustainable and goal-driven global sports and entertainment platform: “We race for a better future and believe that sport has the power to change the world”.

At Forever Green, we celebrate SailGP’s initiative to drive sustainability and inclusion in the sailing world through the Impact League. This league closely monitors the positive actions of its teams to reduce their carbon footprint and promote inclusion in this exciting sport in different locations around the world.

During the third season of SailGP, the Impact League achieved important milestones, such as diverting 5 tons of plastic through the “More Speed, Less Plastic” campaign in Denmark, reducing 760 kg of CO2e with the sustainable fuel test in Cadiz, and providing educational resources on sustainability to 9,000 teachers in collaboration with Protect Our Future.

SailGP has created this league with the goal of placing sustainability and inclusion at the heart of the sport. By showcasing the teams’ sustainable activities, they seek to inspire fans to take action to make more environmentally friendly choices. SailGP also aspires to become the most sustainable global sports and entertainment platform, focused on its own set of sustainable goals.

Its main areas of focus include waste reduction, promoting diversity and equity in sailing, innovation for a lower carbon future, and gender equality through the Women’s Track.

SailGP also works with each host city to support at least one positive impact project at each event. These projects are site-specific and support our strategic vision of being climate positive and facilitating the transition to clean energy.

To date, local impact projects have included the planting of 50 trees in Taranto, the introduction of ecological anchors to preserve posidonia meadows in Saint-Tropez, and collaboration with the Plymouth Energy Community to support the development of the city’s largest solar farm.

We are racing towards a better future and firmly believe that sport has the power to change the world. At Forever Green, we are proud to support initiatives like the SailGP Impact League that are making a difference in the fight against climate change and promoting inclusion in sailing.

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