The 2026 race, the first of the 10 signed with Liberty Media, only represents a starting point for Madrid, whose commercial vision will take shape as the decade progresses.

At Forever Green, we are excited to see how the Madrid Grand Prix is taking significant steps towards sustainability in the world of motorsports. This event not only aims to attract the public but also to create a sustainable global experience for both attendees and viewers at home.

The organizers of the Madrid Grand Prix are working on innovative solutions to differentiate themselves from the competition and convey the image of a modern, safe city committed to the environment. Although the date on the World Championship calendar has not yet been confirmed, the window to showcase the best of the capital is set between May 31 and October 12.

During a press briefing, it was revealed that the circuit design is nearly finalized, with the possibility of including an innovative feature: having cars race indoors. This unique proposal could become a distinctive element of the event, providing an exciting spectacle for fans.

In terms of sustainability, the Carbon Zero commitment represents a significant challenge for Madrid. Plans are underway to install the city’s largest photovoltaic plant to obtain clean energy and minimize emissions. Additionally, the use of public transportation will be encouraged, with the goal of having over 90% of spectators access the circuit this way.

Another important aspect is minimizing the carbon footprint of the racing teams, avoiding the transportation of equipment by trucks from England. However, this challenge requires careful planning and collaboration among all involved parties.

Regarding the circuit design, there is consideration to include the world’s largest curve, with a 30-degree incline, which would be a milestone in the motorsport world. Furthermore, there is consideration to asphalt the circuit with a distinctive red color, as a symbol of Spain and the Community of Madrid.

At Forever Green, we celebrate these efforts of the Madrid Grand Prix to move towards a more sustainable future in Formula 1. We look forward to seeing how these changes transform the event into an exciting and responsible experience for all involved.

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