LEWaterpolo joins Real Betis in the fight against climate change. The Spanish Water Polo League office joins Forever Green to carry out actions promoting environmental care and sustainable sports events.

Sport once again comes together to combat the effects of climate change. LEWaterpolo joins Real Betis and its environmental sustainability program, Forever Green, to undertake actions promoting environmental care and the organization of sustainable sports events.

Through this collaboration agreement, Forever Green and LEWaterpolo will promote responsible practices in sports, environmental protection, and fulfill the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

LEWaterpolo is in the process of obtaining sustainability certification, expected before the start of the next season. Currently, they are already implementing sustainable actions aligned with the SDGs of the UN’s 2030 Agenda. Through these initiatives, clubs are changing their management approach and will carry out sustainable actions during matches: recycling, food collection points, awareness campaigns, collaboration with NGOs, etc.

“For LEWaterpolo, it is a privilege to collaborate with Forever Green and learn from what they have done over the past years. Our roadmap is very similar to Forever Green’s, and we believe that sustainability should be a strategic axis of our competition. We consider this collaboration agreement between Forever Green and LEWaterpolo an inspiring example of how two sports organizations can join forces to make a positive impact on society and the environment. Both organizations are committed to creating a greener future, and we hope this collaboration inspires others to follow suit,” says Ignacio Mochales, director of LEWaterpolo.

“This is one more step towards environmental sustainability. Forever Green is much more than football. In this case, the national Water Polo league joins, and having such a representative competition with so much impact on such a fundamental element as water, especially now with the drought, is an additional incentive for us to continue adding efforts. We are convinced that together we will do a lot for the environment,” declares Rafael Muela, manager of the Real Betis Foundation.

For Fernando Carpena, president of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation, the agreement is “a source of pride and a stimulus for the path we have recently begun: to become Spain’s first sustainable league. The agreement reached with Real Betis is a stimulus and a source of pride for us.”

About LEWaterpolo

LEWaterpolo is the name of the Spanish Water Polo League office. It was created in April 2022 thanks to an initiative by the clubs of the Honor Division and the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation. LEWaterpolo is responsible for managing and giving visibility to the women’s and men’s Honor Division leagues, favoring sustainability, equality, and healthy habits.

About Real Betis and Forever Green

Forever Green has been working for over two years in the fight against climate change, an effort that has made the organization one of the most environmentally committed football clubs in the world and the most sustainable team in LaLiga according to a study by Holaluz. Furthermore, Brand Finance recently ranked Real Betis as the second most sustainable European club due to initiatives such as its Forever Green program.

Since the birth of Forever Green, 88 actions have been carried out, such as cleaning natural spaces, installing a fleet of scooters and electric bicycles for the Club’s employees, in addition to promoting their use by fans through of discounts and recycling and awareness campaigns. Forever Green has gained worldwide recognition, reaching 598 million people and reaching 75 countries. The Betis environmental program has been featured in 195 media outlets.

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