Forever Green Matches

Discover our “Forever Green Matches”, special events in which we commit to take special care of the planet. During these exciting sporting events, we carry out various sustainability actions to ensure that they are truly Forever Green. From promoting sustainable mobility to organizing trash collection activities, every match is an opportunity to make a difference in our environment and promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Join us in this exciting initiative and together let’s make sport a force for sustainable change.

Gala Forever Green

Welcome to the Forever Green Gala, the annual sustainability event that brings together leading industry personalities! This unique gala is much more than a celebration; it is an opportunity to learn, be inspired and recognize outstanding efforts in the field of sustainability. During the Forever Green Gala, awards are presented to those who have excelled in promoting innovative projects and trends in the Forever Green world. In addition, we offer valuable training and networking opportunities to further drive change towards a more sustainable future. Join us for this exciting evening and be part of the movement that is transforming our world for the better.

Bioalverde Eco Garden

Discover Bioalverde, our sustainable eco garden in Seville, where we promote care for the planet and social inclusion. In collaboration with Caritas, we offer a space where people at risk of social exclusion can participate in organic farming activities, learning about sustainable agriculture and strengthening their connection with nature. Bioalverde is not only a garden, it is a place where values of respect, solidarity and care for the environment are cultivated. Join us in this exciting project and help us sow a greener and fairer future for all.

Rafael Gordillo Sports City

Real Betis Balompié’s Rafael Gordillo Sports City not only stands out for its sporting excellence, but also for its focus on sustainability and respect for the environment. Since its design and construction, measures have been implemented to minimize its environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. The complex has efficient waste management systems, including the separation and recycling of materials, as well as the reduction of water and energy consumption through eco-friendly technologies. In short, the Rafael Gordillo Sports City of Real Betis Balompié is not only a center of sporting excellence, but also a model to follow in terms of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

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