GNK Dinamo Zagreb, Real Betis Balompié, and Forever Green join forces to fight climate change ahead of the first leg match of the UEFA Europa Conference League Round of 16 between both teams at the Benito Villamarín Stadium.

Sevilla, 15 de febrero de 2024. Real Betis Balompié, through Forever Green, continues to fight against climate change, a commitment that has already become a hallmark of the Club and has positioned the verdiblanco team as one of the most committed in Europe. In this way, Real Betis adds a new ally in its work for the planet: GNK Dinamo Zagreb.

Once again, the Club takes advantage of its European appointment, in this case, its debut in the UEFA Europa Conference League, to join forces with the opposing team and raise awareness among their fans and the rest of the club about the importance of environmental care.

On Thursday morning, Real Betis received representatives from the Croatian team at the new Ciudad Deportiva Rafael Gordillo to show them these facilities that stand out for their sustainability by using clean and renewable energies: aerothermal energy, natural ventilation, and an irrigation system that allows water use by having a large storage pond in the southern area of the premises.

Additionally, cork is used instead of rubber on the artificial grass fields, a contaminating and non-recyclable material, thus, Real Betis anticipates EU regulations that will come into force in 2030 and will not allow the use of microplastics. Likewise, only electric vehicles can be used inside the premises.

Subsequently, both clubs moved to the ecological orchard that Real Betis and its Foundation have at the Bioalverde estate, a socio-labor insertion entity that promotes sustainable consumption. There, Rafael Gordillo, president of the Real Betis Balompié Foundation, the institution that manages the Forever Green program, and Ivan Kelava, a legend of GNK Dinamo Zagreb, symbolized this union by planting a tree and later building a shelter for hedgehogs, animals that care for the orchard by saving it from insect pests.

During this action, the president of the Real Betis Foundation, Rafael Gordillo, stated that it is an honor for the verdiblanco club to join forces with GNK Dinamo Zagreb. “It is very important that we take advantage of our European appointments to continue expanding Forever Green around the world and also to convey to our fans that we must set an example and leave every corner we visit during our trips through Europe free of waste.”

“GNK Dinamo is very proud and delighted to participate in and support the Forever Green initiative. As a football club, we constantly strive to raise awareness about social issues, environmental protection, and, of course, to set an example by acting ourselves in this field. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change by promoting social responsibility, ecological initiatives, fostering sustainable practices, and involving our community in efforts to safeguard the environment and create an equal and inclusive society. That is why it has been an honor to accept your invitation, and we are pleased to be able to contribute to your cause and exchange ideas and best practices,” added Ivan Kelava, a legend of the Croatian club.

Next week, during the trip to Zagreb, Real Betis Balompié will take Forever Green to Croatia with training sessions on the environment for students at the Instituto Cervantes and the U-17 team of GNK Dinamo Zagreb. Additionally, Rafael Gordillo, president of the Foundation, and the legend of the Croatian team Ivan Kelava will plant a tree at the Maksimir Stadium. As was done during the pre-match against Sparta Prague, volunteers from Real Betis Balompié will distribute bags so that the verdiblanco fans gathered in the city can collect the waste and leave the Croatian streets clean.

Forever Green

Forever Green has been working for over two years in the fight against climate change, an effort that has made the organization one of the most environmentally committed football clubs in the world and the most sustainable team in LaLiga according to a study by Holaluz. Additionally, Brand Finance has recently ranked Real Betis as the second most sustainable European club for, among other initiatives, its Forever Green program.

Since the inception of Forever Green, 80 entities have joined the platform and 88 actions have been developed, including clean-ups of natural areas, the installation of a fleet of electric scooters and bicycles for Club employees, as well as promoting their use by fans through discounts and recycling and awareness campaigns. Forever Green has gained worldwide recognition, reaching 598 million people and reaching 75 countries.


Pictures of the event

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