The football team becomes the first in Spain to receive certification for solar self-consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions for its photovoltaic plant at the Ciudad Deportiva Luis del Sol in Seville.

Real Betis Balompié achieves a new milestone in its journey towards sustainability by becoming the first football team in Spain to certify with the ECO20 seal the renewable solar energy self-consumption and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions avoided into the atmosphere.

The Club has obtained the environmental badge in its Silver category, which certifies a percentage of solar energy use between 50 and 70%. The electricity comes from the photovoltaic plant at the Ciudad Deportiva Luis del Sol (Seville), launched as part of the team’s Forever Green sustainability program.

The ECO20 seal is the only one in Europe that guarantees that the origin of the electricity consumption of a company or entity comes from solar energy in direct self-consumption, allowing the use of clean and non-polluting sources to be valued.

More than 61 tons of CO2 avoided

The photovoltaic installation at Real Betis’s Ciudad Deportiva is comprised of 1,260 SUNO® solar panels, with a total power of 401 kWp and an annual production capacity of 616 MWh.

From July 2022 to March 2023, the football team avoided the emission of 61.06 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere with its solar self-consumption plant, a figure equivalent to planting 366 trees.

Obtaining the ECO20 seal allows the sports club to give positive differentiation to its activity, as well as to certify its progress in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN 2030 Agenda in the fight against climate change.

The certification process for obtaining the badge has been carried out by the specialized consultancy ECOQuality, together with auditors from OCA Global, an accredited entity to certify energy management systems and guarantee the level of solar-origin self-consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Future Zero CO2

“For Real Betis, it is essential to have this type of recognition that certifies our commitment to the environment. We are working not only to raise awareness among our fans and encourage other entities to join the fight against climate change but also to take measures within the Club to minimize our negative impact on the planet. We are going to continue making decisions and taking action to be carbon neutral in the near future,” says Rafael Muela, manager of the Real Betis Foundation, the entity that manages the environmental program of the verdiblanco club.

ECOQuality’s manager, Fran Martín, points out that “we applaud Real Betis Balompié’s involvement in the effective reduction of CO2 emissions through a solar plant of unique dimensions in Spanish sports.” He adds that “by obtaining the ECO20 seal, the Club sends a message that it is indeed possible to help reduce climate change from all areas, including sports.”

“The emphasis on sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions with actions such as those carried out with the installation of the Ciudad Deportiva Luis del Sol highlight the effort and the enormous interest of the team and the sports community of Real Betis Balompié regarding the importance of reducing environmental impact,” says Inés Collado Egea, Sustainability Manager at OCA Global, Div ision Certification. Operation Andalusia and Extremadura.

The representative of the certifying company adds that “the enormous involvement of the entire delegation is highly commendable, and from OCA Global, our heartfelt congratulations for obtaining the ECO20 seal. Undoubtedly, it will help not only to raise awareness of sustainability and the effort of Real Betis Balompié but also the importance of compliance with sustainable development goals where all entities and companies must collaborate.”

About Forever Green. Forever Green has been working for over two years in the fight against climate change, an effort that has made the organization one of the most environmentally committed football clubs in the world and the most sustainable team in LaLiga according to a study by Holaluz. Furthermore, Brand Finance recently ranked Real Betis as the second most sustainable European club due to initiatives such as its Forever Green program.

Since the inception of Forever Green, 80 entities have joined the platform and 88 actions have been developed, including clean-ups of natural areas, the installation of a fleet of electric scooters and bicycles for Club employees, as well as promoting their use by fans through discounts and recycling and awareness campaigns. Forever Green has gained worldwide recognition, reaching 598 million people and spanning 75 countries.

About ECOQuality. ECOQuality is an environmental consultancy that promotes and certifies direct self-consumption of solar energy and other renewable energies in companies. It helps organizations integrate sustainability criteria into their business strategy, with the aim of reducing their dependence on non-renewable energies and decreasing their carbon footprint.

ECOQuality is the only renewable energy consultancy in Europe with its own reference framework for the certification of electricity self-consumption from renewable sources, the framework on which the ECO20® seal of clean energy use and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is based.

About OCA Global. OCA Global is a consulting and certification company that develops projects worldwide, offering innovative services and solutions to address the planet’s most urgent global challenges, promoting sustainability in companies, ensuring commitment to the main standards of quality, safety, health, and environmental management.

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