The carnation is the concept on which the sportswear firm Joma has been based to design the kit that the Spanish delegation will wear at the Paris Olympic Games this summer and that combines nature with sustainability.

At Forever Green, we are pleased to highlight the new equipment of the Spanish delegation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, designed by the sportswear firm Joma. This carnation-inspired ensemble not only pays homage to nature and Spanish folklore, but also reaffirms a strong commitment to sustainability.

At an event held in Toledo, Joma presented more than forty references that make up this Olympic collection, including textiles, footwear and accessories. The predominant colors are those of the flag of Spain, complemented by white and navy blue.

Marina López, CEO of Joma, explained that the carnation, the national flower of Spain, has been the central element of the design, representing nature and sustainability. López stressed that all garments are made with sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, organic cottons and ecological dyes, eliminating the use of harmful chemical compounds.

The collection is not only sustainable, but also incorporates advanced technologies developed by Joma. Breathable fabrics and heat-sealed laser-cut seams allow for greater freedom of movement, essential for athletes. In addition, one of the most outstanding novelties is the design of a polo shirt that reduces body temperature between 2 and 3 degrees on the hottest days, providing greater comfort to athletes.

At Forever Green, we celebrate this initiative by Joma that demonstrates how sportswear can contribute to sustainability without compromising performance and comfort. The kit of the Spanish delegation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games is a clear example of how to integrate respect for the environment into the heart of sport.

We support and disseminate these types of initiatives that show the way to a more sustainable future, where sport not only brings people together, but can also be a driver for positive change on our planet. Joma and the Spanish delegation are taking a firm step in this direction, and we are proud to share this achievement with our community.

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