SailGP has set out to drive a more sustainable horizon through the Impact League and its initiatives, reinventing the world of sport and sailing.

At Forever Green, we celebrate SailGP’s commitment to sustainability and innovation through its Impact League and other initiatives, which are transforming the sport of sailing. SailGP is not only an exciting international flying catamaran competition, but it is also leading a shift towards a more sustainable future.

What is SailGP?

SailGP is a global competition where the world’s best sailing athletes compete representing their nations in iconic cities around the globe. Its races take place on identical, high-performance hydrofoil F50 catamarans, which can reach speeds of almost 100 km/h, earning it the nickname ‘the F1 of the sea’. Each SailGP event lasts three days, with two days of competition including three daily heats. The best teams on the circuit face each other in a final with a prize of two million dollars for the winner.

Reverence to the Impact League

The Impact League is known as ‘the podium for the planet’, and it measures and recognises the efforts of teams to reduce their environmental impact while promoting inclusion in the boating community. SailGP has been a pioneer in this area, disclosing the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) in 2022, obtaining a B- score and being the first to achieve the Carbon Neutral International Standard, as well as three gold medals in the UN’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative.

Sailing like this, yes

SailGP’s race buoys are designed to minimise the carbon footprint in the water, reducing the fuel consumption of support boats and eliminating the use of anchors that can damage the seabed. These buoys are the result of a collaboration between SailGP Technologies, ePropulsion and MarkSetBot.

A philosophy with a horizon

Over the past two seasons, SailGP has made significant strides to make its operations more sustainable. They have implemented scoring criteria covering waste management, fuel consumption and travel. In season four, the championship focuses on four key areas, assessed by a jury of experts and overseen by an independent referee: creating a sustainable future, accelerating inclusion, innovating for a low-carbon future, and driving gender equality through the Women’s Pathway Program.

Tread with Awareness

Camper, official footwear supplier of the third season and the Spanish SailGP team, presented a footwear collection designed for athletes and fans, inspired by sustainable innovation. This collection incorporated quick-drying uppers, linings and laces made entirely from recycled polyester, thus reducing the use of virgin plastics and the carbon footprint.

Repsol is also present

SailGP has taken another step forward in its commitment to sustainability by partnering with Repsol to supply renewable fuel to all support vessels during the Spain Sail Grand Prix | Andalusia-Cadiz. This event, held in Cadiz, marked a significant step forward in reducing emissions in the nautical sector.

Return to the sea

As part of its local impact project in Sydney, SailGP collaborated with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) to rehabilitate and return more than 300 endangered seahorses to their natural habitat in Sydney Harbour, during the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix.

At Forever Green, we believe that initiatives like SailGP are essential to building a more sustainable future. They inspire us to continue promoting actions that integrate respect for the environment in all areas, including sport. We applaud these efforts and will continue to support those organizations that work tirelessly for the well-being of our planet.

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